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We always need help at the Native American Center

Our Docent's are friendly people that help answer question for the Center and our surrounding area.  We provide you with information about the Center.

If you have a few hours a month come on over or call and we can show you how easy it would be for you to smile and help answer question of our visitors.

It's a good chance to meet people from all around the world.

Gives us a call, an email or stop by and we'll welcome you to

Nuui Cunni Center. Your contact will be Wayne Matthews, our Docent coordinator.


Would you like to volunteer at the

Nuui Cunni Center?

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Many thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the planning and success of the Heritage Days celebration on November 10, at the Nuui Cunni Native American Cultural Center at French Gulch. There were more than 150 children from schools here in the valley and Bakersfield who attended the TANF sponsored event.

This is a yearly program and always looked forward to by all of the volunteers from Nuui Cunni. Also, since we now have four certified food handlers, who were able to assist with serving the food provided by Jim Wyly and were responsible for the big clean up job.

Since this type of program is a long time in planning volunteers at Nuui Cunni spent many hours in preparation, including making 200 necklaces for all the children who came. Each year, the volunteers do something different for guests and it is so well received b y the children. They also escort visitors to various educational activities set up around the grounds, plus help with Native America Crafts displays.

Without these volunteers and our fearless leader, Patricia Malone Henry, Chairwoman of the Kern River Paiute Council, this size of an undertaking would be near impossible.

Once again, “kudos” to Nuun Cunni and all volunteers, who so unselfishly give of their time.

Shirley Allen

Friends of the Center Coordinator


"Nuui Cunni" (Our House) Native American

Inter-Tribal Cultural Center



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