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 Located in the Kern River Valley near Lake Isabella California.  The Nuui Cunni (Our House) Native American Inter-Tribal Culture Center and the Kern River Paiute Council invite you to see what we have, something very unique for everyone.

This specially designed building is 3,150 square feet and houses a museum, library, gift shop , and Visitors' Center.

The 5.6 acre grounds features native plant exhibits, artifacts, dance arbor, tule hut, lamada, sweat lodge, prayer garden, and area for large activities.

The Kern River Paiute Council has entered into a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Forest Service in the Sequoia National Forest, Greenhorn District, and operates under their Special Use Permit on a non discriminatory basis.  The Paiute Council has been authorized to manage and operate the "Nuui Cunni" Native American Inter-Tribal Culture Center as an established facility to curate and display Native American artifacts, crafting, and art; to promote and restore the culture and history of our local Indian Communities; as well as recognize and respect all wishing to exercise their educational programs and spiritual ceremonies.

The Center was the creation of the US Forest Service Sequoia National Forest, Greenhorn District to bring attention  to locals and visitors, the existence, past and present, of the Native People that inhabited this valley and surrounding areas, through many generations.  The Council strives to educate and promote the history, culture and ways of life of our sometimes forgotten people, by encouraging participation in our programs and classes offered by our dedicated volunteers.  


The Center houses many Native American Artifacts from our local tribes: being Shoshone Paiute, Tubatulabal, Kawaiisu as well as pieces from many tribes throughout the US.  Our Library is extensive with information including history, crafts, fiction and art.

The atmosphere is gracious and accommodating we invite everyone to come and see what we have to offer.  It's uniqueness will surely touch you.

Museum Hours

Wednesday - Saturday

9am - 3pm


"Nuui Cunni" (Our House) Native American

Inter-Tribal Cultural Center


Visitors Welcome

No Admission Fee


The Nuui Cunni Native American Inter-Tribal Cultural Center is run by the

Kern River Tubatulabal Paiute Council operating under a Special Use Permit offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Forest Service in the Sequoia National Forest. The Council is a 501(c)3 Organization.

All donations made to the center are tax deductible, EIN #: 95-4548303.

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